Children's condition

Children's condition at KB Academy in Jaigaon

We at KB Academy think that every child has the right to a safe place where they can develop and get a proper education. Something far from reality in Jaigaon. Families and students themselves are identifying the sanitation procedures at the public schools as one of the biggest threats to their safety. Lack of teachers and facilities are making the children's birth given right of an education go neglected.

A family's economy in this area is exclusively based on the father´s income. A man who is lucky enough to have a steady work will come home with a maximum of 10 000 rupees a month. After rent and basic living costs, next to nothing is left over for education. This is an optimized situation that however does not represent the families of our school. These fathers are mostly porters, rickshaw pullers, stone crushers, roadside labourers, house cleaners, beggars and farmers (with the little they can grow). They are low income groups and money for food every day is not a matter of course. A monthly pay is inconsistent from 0-5 000 rupees. 25 of our 40 students will never be able to pay a normal school fee. This is the poorest part of the poorest country in the world to put it in a perspective.

The school serves 40 students. Out of these, 5 live under sufficient conditions, 35 in housing not suitable for children and 10 in sheds which will not withstand a rainstorm. With a general view of the area we can establish that 20 students are living amongst alcohol abuse in their home daily. 20 students get no more than one meal a day and go to bed hungry.

Understanding of the importance of education for a child´s upbringing and thus possibility for a better life, is poor amongst the parents. Not least, this is caused by the need for the child to stay at home and help out in the household. Still there are families in line, waiting for their child to get a proper education.

The drug use amongst children is wildly spread in the area. The school continuously strives to create a safe environment and see to that none of the children gets stuck in this terrible loop.